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Travel is a complicated business, that's why we use experts to handle all of your travel needs. If you have a question please have a look below for the answer.

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What is Computravel?

Computravel combines the self-serving convenience of the net, with the proficiency of experts, located around South Africa, who have gained their spurs over years of service in the industry. These are the simple steps you the prospective leisure traveller would take through the site, and on to your respective journey: -

You browse through an awesome showcase of travel options all neatly classified under 4 categories:-

Traveller profile
Once in a lifetime / Golden year / Family / Couples / Singles / Honeymoon / School groups / Students / Incentive groups

Holiday Type
Adventure / Beach /Safari /Golf / Health & spa / Cycling & walking / Cruising / Train travel / Skiing / Cultural / Historical / Weekenders / Weddings / Mid-week breaks / Low season holidays / Island holidays / Action packed / Green, eco-friendly holidays

Destination of choice

Travel within a budget.
Featuring packages that fall within the limits of a client’s budget

This is linked to a frequently updated cost estimation schedule that provides an accurate prediction of the overall cost of the holiday package and possible daytrips and excursions at the destination.
You make your selections from the wide variety of different holiday packages, including airfares, accommodation, car hire, visa & health requirements, and transfers. As you make these choices you click them into a basket that keeps a running tally of estimated costs. At the end of your cyber-ramble you will have assembled a journey that closely matches your aspirations, and you have an accurate prediction of the price.
The following describes the simple booking enquiry procedure:
* Browse through the category of holidays or destinations you are interested in travelling to.

* Once you have selected the package you are interested in click the ‘Enquire online’ button at the top of the page.

* This will take you to Step 1 of the enquiry where you will see the package you have selected the price estimate and any additional activities, excursions or day-trips you may like to include In your trip.

* Next click the ‘continue’ button at the bottom of the page to the contact details page

* Fill in your details on the trip information page; some of the fields are mandatory. Select your province from the drop down menu and then click ‘continue’ to

* The trip information page is an overview of your enquiries. Check your details and then click ‘send enquiry

* Your enquiry will be sent to an ASATA accredited travel agent either in your region or who is an expert in the destination or type of holiday you are interested in travelling to.
These travel experts are waiting to turn your aspirations into the reality of tickets and bookings. You have already predetermined your itinerary, and the travel expert’s mission is to do what she/he has always done – arrange a reliable and hassle free trip. She/he starts with an outline that would have taken up a good deal of time in a conventional transaction, and she/he sets about assembling a costed schedule. Any areas of doubt are cleared up by a return email or phone call as fax, cell and land line numbers are all part of the client’s enquiry. The final itinerary is then e-mailed back to the applicant for approval and financial settlement. In this revolutionary internet operation, the hopeful traveller gains all the benefit of the consultant’s personal experience– something no traditional web site can replicate. Computravel registered travel consultants are established agents having all traversed the globe, so personal guidance and advice is the real bonus behind this system.

How knowledgeable and competent is the registered consultant selected for my online booking enquiry?

All registered Computravel consultants are ASATA accredited and have achieved a high level of expertise as experienced senior travel consultants with at least 10 years experience in the industry. Their knowledge stretches across continents and is constantly being updated with regular travel to new destinations. You are assured of their attention to detail and total understanding of each travellers specific needs.

How is a consultant selected when submitting my booking enquiry?

Each Computravel registered consultant has a comprehensive profile of destinations.
The consultant is selected according to two criteria:

1. their area of expertise matched to your enquiry and
2. the region in which the travel agent operates from matched to your residential location.

If I change my mind about the booking enquiry I have submitted how do I cancel my enquiry?

You can either phone the Computravel Help desk 021 762 0511 or send and email to or inform the travel expert that you are no longer interested in the enquiry you made and she/he may be able to assist you with other travel enquiries.

What if I am not happy with the consultant selected to manage my booking?

This is most unlikely as each consultant has many years experience and have gained a reputation of delivering exceptional service. However, in the event of this happening you can contact the Computravel Help desk on 021 762 0511 or and we will refer you to a consultant whom we feel would match your personal profile and specific needs.

Who sees and has access to my information?

Computravel stores your travel information in a secure data centre. Once your enquiry has been submitted only the selected travel consultant, through a secure login and password system, can access your information.

If I do not want to submit a booking enquiry form how do I access the services of a Computravel travel expert?

You can send an enquiry via the website to Computravel or call our help desk on 021 762 0511 and we will direct you to the consultant we regard most suited to your travel requirements.

How do I pay for my holiday?

The payment transaction is concluded directly with travel expert who manages and books your travel arrangements.

Form of Payment:
  • • Credit Cards: In accordance with International Airline Travel Association (IATA) bulletin

A 1/00 we need a signed and validated Standard Credit Card Charge Form. The agent acknowledges that s/he has seen the card and that the signature on the card is the same as that on the Credit Card Charge Form. A signed and validated Standard Credit Card Charge Form (SCCCF) or payment through our suppliers Virtual Card Services system, are the only recognised forms of payment for credit cards. If the card is a foreign credit card then you may be requested to supply various other details.

  • • EFT Transfers: We accept EFT’s (Electronic Fund Transfer) into our bank accounts, subject to condition that the EFT transmission report is provided to ourselves and such payment has been confirmed as received by ourselves.

If I am just browsing the site for holiday ideas but I do not want to submit an enquiry can I receive regular updates on holiday packages and travel news on destinations around the globe?

Yes you can register to receive a regular mailer from Computravel packed full of travel and holiday information.

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About Computravel

Computravel serves as an online South African travel agent, boasting highly professional experts with years in the tourism and hospitality industries.
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